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So you want to learn...

Are you interested in learning to play bagpipes? 

Here is what to do:

1.    You need a practice chanter and a couple of practice chanter reeds. There are a variety of online suppliers where you can buy these. Here are a few:





The practice chanters in the “Learn to Play Bagpipes” kits that you find at the neighborhood music store are not recommended. They are made from inferior wood (rosewood) and cannot stand up to the moisture that builds up during practice. They will fall apart within a few months. Good quality plastic chanters (Gibsons, MacCallums, etc) are recommended, but real African Blackwood is excellent although more expensive.


2.    A tutor book can be helpful. Some common books that are available include Logan’s Bagpipe Tutor and the College of Piping Tutor Book 1. These are very common. Jim McGillivray’s Rhythmic Fingerwork is a very good source of practice excercises that you will find speed up your fingers really well.


3.    When you have a chanter and reed (and tutor book if you desire), send us an email indicating that you are ready. We hold lessons from 6pm to 7pm on Tuesday nights just before our regular practice. We hold band practice at the University Place Primary School on Grandview in University place.


4.    Practice! The amount of time you practice directly impacts how long it takes for you to be playing bagpipes for real. This is a very difficult instrument, so practice, practice, practice!