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Brad Collins

Brad is the former pipe major of the band and retired from the leadership position in 2015 when, after 5 years, finally figured out a way to pass the job along to someone else. 

He first discovered bagpipes in Pullman around 1997 and after receiving instruction from Kirk McMichael, became a member of the Border Highlanders of Pullman, WA/MoscowID. In 1999 he joined the Clan Gordon Pipe band but left to attend graduate school at OSU in 2005. While in Oregon, he played with the Clan Macleay Pipe band of Portland until 2009. After returning to Washington shortly thereafter, Brad reunited with the Gordons.

Brad is a science teacher at Peninsula High School in Gig Harbor. He is a piping instructor and plays weddings, memorials, and various other celebrations throughout the year.