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Barbara-Jean Black

The positive force with a great big smile is Barbara-Jean; the newest member of the mid-section rockin' on the tenor drum. It all started after some encouragement from her sister, Audra upon hearing Barbara-Jean say "I wanna do that" at the Seattle Highland Games summer 2014. She was handed a pair of mallets at a Clan Gordon Piper Band practice in October and now they can't get rid of her. 
Fifteen years ago, Barbara-Jean was playing drums for the awesome country/punk band Demon$traitor. Never in a million years did she think she'd be playing traditional Scottish/Irish music with a bunch of men in skirts! (Ok, there's lasses too). 
Barbara Jean continues to grow under the patient instruction of her "sensei" Renee-Michelle Kirk, and is eternally grateful to play music with such a dynamic and diverse group. When not playing tenor drum , she rides her bike, makes art and hangs out with furry critters.